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Millions Allocated for Water Infrastructure in Iran

Iran’s growing population has created an ongoing need for water infrastructure development and management, as water is in tight supply and leaders are actively seeking investors. Some issues that require urgent attention include an inadequate supply of potable water and water polluted by industrial waste and raw sewage. An annual conference inaugurated in 2000 provides in-depth information about trends and developments in Iran’s water supply and systems, and the 2012 meeting is reaching out to
wastewater professionals around the world.
One organization, The Islamic Development Bank (IDB), has already offered assistance by earmarking €1.27 billion in loans for Iranian wastewater development projects. Part of a three-year deal, the loans are already financing three projects. According to the Tehran Water and Wastewater Company, the IDB also has provided a €273 million loan for similar projects. However, at least €1 billion more is needed to finance needed wastewater infrastructure fully.

About Dr. Shahram Shirkhani: International legal adviser Dr. Shahram Shirkhani has facilitated the securitization of substantial loans for development projects in Iran.

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