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Dr. Shahram Shirkhani and Oil Industry Investment Company

During his time as a founding partner of International Law & Trade Consultants in Tehran, Iran, Dr. Shahram Shirkhani provided legal counsel in a number of major transactions involving foreign entities
seeking to invest in Iran. In particular, Dr. Shirkhani oversaw the acquisition of Oil Industry Investment Company, a large conglomerate involved in several aspects of the oil and gas markets.
Currently the leading oil and gas company in Iran, Oil Industry Investment Company maintains an active role in activities such as development, rehabilitation, exploration, oil and gas installation engineering, and
trading, as well as refinery and drilling operations. Aside from its work in the oil and gas sector, the company participates in airplane fueling, polyethylene compound production, and road construction.
Throughout its history as a publicly listed entity on the Tehran Stock Exchange, the company has achieved above-average performance and protected investors from significant risk.
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